Laser nanoscopic conditioning of anilox services

The anilox laser conditioning system is a novelty in the field and, by far, the best method. The conditioning capacity and the anilox cylinder condition after the procedure are outstanding.

Continuous printing causes contamination inside the anilox cylinder cells resulting in a reduction of the transfer capacity that directly affects the printing quality. Because of this, the periodical conditioning of the anilox cylinders is a necessity.

Most conditioning methods damage the cells on the surface of the cylinder, dramatically reducing its lifespan. The laser conditioning system has an unparalleled efficiency, by easily removing any kind of dirt with practically no residues.

The high-end laser conditioning system used by our company needs no chemical products to work, thus eliminating the residue issue entirely.

The conditioning service comes together with an utterly important complement: diagnosis and analysis of anilox cylinders.

Also a service performed on the spot, the Anilox Management offers a deep analysis of the anilox cylinders. The volumetric analysis is relevant for both the validation of the conditioning service and the forecast of future expenses and printing performances.

The generated report

AniCAM, the device that scans the surface of the anilox cylinders generates a comprehensive report (view report model) that covers:

  • Cylinder condition before conditioning: the resulting indexes are used as reference
  • Microscopic images before and after the conditioning process: the differences can be seen clearly
  • Measured values: cell width, cell depth and, most importantly, cell volume
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Same-day anilox cylinder conditioning, right at your headquarters doorway

At the time being our company offers a unique service: faster anilox cylinders conditioning, on the spot.

Results & benefits

Our full conditioning and diagnosis service is suitable for label machines, flexo presses for films, corrugate board machines and, of course, offset printing machines.

There are numerous benefits to our service. We have the pleasure to name the most important ones:

  • The anilox cylinders lifespan increases considerably, witch leads to optimized costs. The buying cycles of anilox cylinders become longer.
  • The transfer capacity of the anilox cylinders is perfectly conserved, resulting in maintaining the printing quality and therefore keeping the clients happy.
  • With laser technology an anilox cylinder (up to 1500 mm in lenght and 150 mm in width) can be cleaned in just 60 minutes and the operation can be undertook on the spot. Essentially, the time you are not using the anilox drops from 48 hours to about 2 hours.
  • The Anilox Management Service gives you a very clear image of the anilox cylinders health, by direct diagnosis, before and after conditioning . You can make good decisions based on clear and valid information and you will always know when the time has come to change a cylinder or why do you have printing errors.
  • Dry conditioning eliminates the risc of cylinder corrosion.
  • Large size anilox cylinders can be cleaned on the press, which eliminates the risks associated with demounting them, handling them and mounting them back. There is a huge time saving too.

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