Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

The present General Conditions define the conditions of use of the website opc-services.com, hereafter referred to as the website, by its visitors. By accessing and browsing this site, you accept de facto, the terms of use described below. In case you do not agree with this note, please leave this website.

2. Disclaimer

This website contains articles and useful information regarding OP CONSULTING’s activity and services.

OP CONSULTING will not provide any guarantee with regard to:

  • Avoiding the troublesome use or interruptions in the use of the site,
  • Not affecting adversely other systems by using the site.

Thus, OP CONSULTING cannot be responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the site opc-services.com.

3. Trademark and Copyright

The copyright for most of the information available on this site is held by OP CONSULTING, by its affiliates or the sources that are cited at the end of each segment of text taken. No material on this site may not be reproduced partially or entirely or modified without the express consent of OP CONSULTING or of the titular of that right. All rights are reserved for OP CONSULTING. It is strictly forbidden to use this site for its destruction or alteration or its content or security or for discrediting or harassing OP CONSULTING or its affiliates. OP CONSULTING will apply all the technical and organizational security measures for the protection of the data that it has control, against any manipulator situation, by accident or intentional, loss, destruction or against access by an unauthorized person.

4. Site content Objective

The objective of this website is to inform it’s visitors about the activities and results of OP CONSULTING. OP CONSULTING cannot guarantee, however, that these pages do not contain errors and it ensures that it will make all the diligences to achieve a correct information and to remedy eventual errors.

5. Confidentiality

The registered information is to be used by the controller and is communicated only to the following addressees: juridical authorities, central public authorities, local public authorities and police, in solid justified situations.

6. Collection and processing of personal data

According to Law no. 677/21.11.2001 on protection of the data regarding the personal data processing and the free movement of these data, you are granted the right to access, to intervene on the data and the right not to be subject to an individual decision. Also, the users of this website have the right to object the processing of the personal data that concern you and to request their deletion. In order to exercise these rights one may submit a written request dated and signed addressed to the Headquarter of the General Inspectorate of OP CONSULTING, Bucharest, 13 F Amiral Constantin Bălescu street, 1st District, and within 15 days you will receive an answer to your request. According to Article 25 of Law 677/2001, one may file a complaint to the National Surveillance Authority for Personal Data processing when you consider that your rights granted by Law no. 677/2001 were infringed. Also, one’s right to address to the Court is recognized.

In order to better respond to the needs and questions of the users of the site, the information requested through this website will be object to electronic storage and processing.

7. Use and disclosure of personal data and purpose specification

Your data will be treated in accordance with the current legislation on Personal Data Protection and will be used by OP CONSULTING, purely for statistical purposes. OP CONSULTING undertakes that the personal data may not be disseminated to third parties beneficiaries/users.

8. Information for visitors

As a user (visitor) you have the following responsibilities:

  • to provide true data, accurate and complete about yourself, as requested by the registration form, when applicable.

At the same time, you acknowledge the obligation not to do the following:

  • to publish materials that contain viruses or other programs with the intent of destroying this system or any other system or information;
  • to publish copyrighted material, unless you are the author or if you do not have the author’s permission to publish the respective material;
  • to publish obscene, defamatory, threatening or malicious materials towards another user, physical or legal person, or information prohibited by the legal provisions in force;
  • to publish a picture or statement contravening the legal norms in force  .

In case of disrespecting these conditions, OP CONSULTING and its affiliates dissociates from their author, will delete the respective information and may act on the legal way.

9. Information provided through the site

Any person visiting the site and which gives the site personal data or information manifests its express and unequivocal agreement for the following:

  • the processing of such personal data and information by OP CONSULTING in order to carry out market studies;
  • the settlement by OP CONSULTING of requests, questions and complaints addressed (see “Contact” page of the site);
  • other activities undertaken by OP CONSULTING and permitted by law, which are not object to approval of the receipient.

OP CONSULTING will maintain the confidentiality of such information.

OP CONSULTING will not distribute, under any form, personal information to third parties.

10. Information of concerned persons about their rights

All persons submitting to the site www.opc-services.com their personal data are guaranteed their rights in accordance with the Law 677/2001, following to be informed by the announcement made public by OP CONSULTING, through this system on their rights. In relation to the written request of persons whose data are being processed or to be processed, it must be dates, signed and sent to the address: General Inspectorate of OP CONSULTING, Bucharest, 13 F Amiral Constantin Bălescu street, 1st District and it is obliged to:

  • confirm the applicant whether or not it processes personal data;
  • rectify, update, block, delete or turn into anonymous data, free of charge, the data whose processing is not according to the provision of the Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of individuals due to the processing of personal data and on the free circulation of such data;
  • stop the processing of personal data of the applicant

In addition to the terms and conditions which are stipulated in the site policy, you understand and accept the fact that OP CONSULTING may collect and store data about the persons visiting this site. You have the right to ask us to remove the information relating to your person be contacting us at the following address: office@opc-services.com.

11. Changes to privacy policy

Changes to the present privacy policy that will appear on the course will be published in this web page without prior information. The page “Terms and conditions” constitutes, entirely, an agreement concluded between you and OP CONSULTING, in respect of the use of the site www.opc-services.com. OP CONSULTING reserves the right to revise and update these rules at any time, without a disclosure or a prior acceptance of the users.

If you have questions regarding the information contained in this page, please write to us at the address office@opc-services.com.

Copyright OP CONSULTING. All rights reserved.