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We know that we are all living in a world where image counts. If we extend this truth over any product we may think of, we implicitly draw the conclusion that the pack, the label counts! The box was and will always be the ‘Silent seller’ which promotes and places in the buyer’s bag a certain product, whereas the product uninspired packed or labelled will remain for a long time on shelf. The European Union imposes as well high quality standards for packs, standards to be adopted by all manufacturers.

With a vast history, the Romanian packing and printing market registers an increase rate of 10-15 % per year, stimulated mainly by the increase of the population income entailing the change of demands and expectations of Romanians, paying much more attention currently to their image. Not only the taste of consumer has become more refined and its interest in the products that look good has increased, but the companies have become interested in bringing their products into notice by more sophisticated packs.

O.P. Consulting supports the development of a market of packing manufacturing in Romania by promoting the BOBST Group financing programs for the companies in the Eastern Europe, by which the procurement of advanced technological lines becomes possible regardless the turnover.

Since 1994, our company has been activating on Romanian market of the equipment of production of packaging, post-sale services and related consumables, providing since the beginning premium solutions. The packs from our portfolio are divided in self-adhesive labels, flexible packs (relying on polyethylene and polypropylene), duplex board (compact board weighing more than 80g/sq m) and corrugated board packaging.

The optimum orientation of your investment in equipment of last generation and quality consumables provides you the way towards a top position in the industry of packaging and printing. With international famous manufacturers, we may jointly encounter anytime the perfect solution for your needs, within any part of the World.