BHS Corrugated – shaping the future on a foundation of over 300 years

BHS Corrugated – now a global supplier of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, Lifecycle service and digital solutions for the complex requirements of the corrugated board industry. Established an unbelievable 300+ years ago. And with a clear vision for the future: We are our customers’ Lifecycle Partner in the digital age. We embrace change. We always have. But our values remain the same. Our roots in the community. Our social responsibility. Get to know a company that is continuously evolving – yet hangs on to what is tried and true.


From individual machines to complete corrugators and all the way to intelligent corrugating box plants: BHS Corrugated puts over 60 years of experience to work for you. We are here for you when your corrugator is delivered. And we are here as a Lifecycle partner for your technologically leading, sustainably competitive corrugator in the digital age. Our focus: the productivity of your corrugated board manufacturing operations. That is why here at BHS Corrugated, we always consider the overall effectiveness of your corrugator system as a whole. When we work with you, our goal is to optimize this Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – and, as a result, to reduce your manufacturing costs per square meter of corrugated board.

OP Consulting represents this brand in Romania.